Imperial Innovations Group invests £1.5m in Semetric

Imperial Innovations Group has invested £1.5m in Semetric, the technology company behind music analytics specialist Musicmetric.

The investment is part of a £3m funding round that also includes existing investor Pentech Ventures, a venture-capital fund focused on technology businesses.

Semetric’s software platform aggregates and analyses data from thousands of online sources. Musicmetric, the first of Semetric’s products to be launched, is known for its work supporting insight and analysis across the global music industry. Customers already include EMI and MTV.

Musicmetric enables record labels and music marketers to analyse, benchmark and compare artist performance, aggregating online data alongside conventional sales information. Using information derived from social-media platforms, music streaming and video sites, as well as BitTorrent consumption, Musicmetric produces a real-time chart ranking artist popularity.