Improved machinability from new stainless alloy

Substantially improved machinability is offered by the Project 7000 stainless Type 416 – the latest in the line of Project 7000 stainless alloys developed by Carpenter Technology.

Depending on the application, Carpenter estimates that the new stainless steel gives fabricators the capability to improve productivity from 25% to 50% over that possible with generic stainless Type 416. It also offers a good productivity advantage over the company’s companion Project 70 stainless Type 416.

Project 7000 stainless Type 416 is the first martensitic stainless grade in Carpenter’s Project 7000 stainless series. It is a hardenable, straight-chrome alloy. The new alloy can be hardened like conventional Type 416 alloy, and meets all material specification for Type 416 stainless. However, in the annealed condition, it machines as well as the low work-hardening No. 5-F stainless steel.

The new stainless comprises: carbon 0.15% max; manganese 1.25% max; phosphorus 0.06% max; sulphur 0.15% min; silicon 1.00% max; and chromium 12-14%. The balance is iron.

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