Improved machining

Hard water, caused by high levels of mineral deposits, can cause emulsions to become unstable which in turn leads to loss of performance and poor corrosion protection.

Rocol, however, has produced the Ultracut range: three lubricants designed to counter hard water problems normally experienced by engineering firms in hard water areas.

First in the range is Ultracut 250 HW, a general purpose water-mix cutting fluid formulated for light to medium cutting operations on ferrous and non-ferrous metals. It offers corrosion protection, long sump life and lubricious performance during machining.

Ultracut 255 HW, created for extreme pressure applications, performs similarly to the 250 HW but is suitable for medium to severe cutting applications on ferrous and non ferrous applications.

Ultracut 280A HW has been formulated for medium to severe cutting on aluminium and its alloys. Rocol add that it can be used to machine ferrous and non ferrous metals.

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