Improving construction

A £3.2m research project aims to improve energy efficiency in the construction industry by 20 per cent before 2020. Professor Nashwan Dawood, TeessideUniversity’s Cecil M Yuill Professor of Construction and Director of the Centre for Construction Innovation & Research, is leading the team.

The Intelligent Use of Buildings’ Energy Information (IntUBE) project has brought together researchers and business partners from nine countries, all with the aim of helping the construction industry and the EU vastly improve energy efficiency.

Prof Dawood said: ‘Part of the answer is to use IT technology to intelligently analyse and control the consumption of energy, not just in new buildings, but also in existing homes and offices.

He added: ‘The key is to give the individual more information about his or her energy consumption and more intelligent control-systems that will allow people to use their energy in a much more efficient way.’

Prof Dawood explained that the EU might never reach its 20 per cent target to improve energy efficiency if it only concentrates on new and renovated buildings. Researchers hope the results of IntUBE will create well-performing buildings that use natural resources, resulting in fewer environmental effects and reduced life-cycle costs.