In the frame

The Cognex MVS-8500 Series of frame grabbers are designed to support next generation high-speed analog cameras that use the latest progressive scan CCD sensor technology.

The Cognex MVS-8504, the first model available in the new series, offers four completely independent channels supporting up to four cameras. In order to help engineers meet a range of acquisition requirements, the MVS-8504 is designed to handle asynchronous, synchronous, and dual tap image acquisition.

Additionally, the MVS-8504 provides users with the capability to mix-and-match camera formats, clock rates, partial and full scans, as well as colour and monochrome acquisition on a single frame grabber, which eliminates the need for multiple frame grabbers for different camera types.

All the MVS-8500 Series half-slot PCI frame grabbers are PCI 2.31 compliant. The MVS-8504 has 16 MB FIFO for image transfer and employs a 32 bit/66-MHz bus architecture that is compatible with standard PCI 32 bit/33MHz, as well as higher-speed 64 bit/66MHz and PCI-X busses.

The MVS-8500 Series frame grabbers provide real-time image transfer over the PCI bus to system memory for analysis. Independent DMA (Direct Memory Access) on each acquisition channel eliminates delays by allowing captured images to be processed at the same time other images are being captured.

Moreover, the frame grabbers come equipped with Cognex’s PatMax software technology for locating objects despite changes in angle, scale, and appearance. Developers familiar with Microsoft Visual C++ can choose the CVL (Cognex Vision Library) Software Developer’s Kit to program fully customised solutions for a variety of vision applications. Alternatively, developers will be able to choose VisionPro, a suite of COM/Active-X based vision software tools.

General availability for the MVS-8504 is scheduled for September.

The next model in the MVS-8500 Series to be released later this year will be the MVS-8501, a single channel frame grabber that will accommodate up to four multiplexed high-speed analog cameras.

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