In tune engine

Coventry University will reveal the results of an experimental project to develop the MUSIC petrol engine to an in-vehicle demonstration stage in February.

According to the university the engine will match, or improve on, the fuel efficiency of the diesel engine at part load, removing the fuel gap between petrol and diesel engines driven in urban environments. This in turn will reduce CO2 emissions.

The patented MUSIC (Merritt Unthrottled Spark Ignition Combustion) engine was invented and developed at the university by Dr Dan Merritt.

‘Until now diesel engines have given far superior fuel efficiency at part load when compared with petrol engines but gasoline engines delivered more power for a given size. The MUSIC petrol engine has now demonstrated part load efficiencies as good as the diesel engine but at a lower cost. For most vehicles, the greater part of operating life is spent at part load and idling.

‘The MUSIC technology affects only the layout of the combustion chamber in the cylinder head and does not impact the bottom end of the engine.’