Indian deals sewn-up for Rolls-Royce

Two major manufacturers of textiles have selected the latest Rolls-Royce gas engine to provide electrical power at their manufacturing plants in India.

Welspun Terry Towels of Vapi in Gujarat, one of the world’s largest manufacturers of terry towelling, has ordered a single 16-cylinder Rolls-Royce B-gas engine. The company is in the process of doubling the capacity of its plant and the resulting increase in energy demand will be met by the new 6.7MW power plant.

Two more Rolls-Royce gas engines will supply enhanced power for Arvind Mills, which, with seven manufacturing units in and around Ahmedabad, supplies more than 75 per cent of India’s denim exports to clothing manufacturers around the world.

These engines will be installed in captive power plants: a 12-cylinder B-gas engine at Arvind Intex will supply 5.1MW while an 18-cylinder K-gas unit at Arvind Cotsyn will generate 3.06MW.

Arvind Mills’ decision to select Rolls-Royce power is based on its drive to develop new and emerging markets in anticipation of the abolition by the World Trade Organisation of India’s current textile export quotas. Rolls-Royce says is gas engines will halve the cost of power generation and bring significant reductions in costs of finished products.

Designed and developed at the Rolls-Royce facilities in Bergen, Norway, the B-gas engine is said to be the world’s most powerful spark-ignited gas engine, generating up to 8.5MW of electrical power.