India’s broadband breakthrough

Ericsson has launched the Gramjyoti Rural Broadbrand Project, an initiative that aims to introduce mobile broadband applications to 18 villages and 15 towns near Chennai,


The communities will be provided with high-speed internet using WCDMA/HSPA technology, which allows them to access services such as telemedicine, e-education, e-governance, online local information, voice and video call services, and live TV and entertainment.

According to Ericsson, among the people who will benefit from the technology are more than 3,000 high school students, who will be able to take e-learning courses.

Mats Granryd, managing director of Ericsson India, said: ‘Ericsson aims to help India’s rural population get first-hand experience of broadband applications. This project will provide communities with access to meaningful broadband services for the first time. Building an efficient and affordable WCDMA/HSPA rural broadband can help serve as a blueprint for the widespread introduction of internet and broadband connectivity in the future.’

The project location was chosen because Ericsson believes it reflects the typical telecom profile of rural India, where many families have access to a mobile phone but limited or no access to fixed telephones.

The Gramjyoti Project is supported by a number of partners, including ApolloHospitals, Edurite, CNN and Cartoon Network.