Indicators take control

Macro Sensors recently introduced a new family of digital controllers and indicators that delivers precise measurement for applications using AC- and DC-LVDT (Linear Variable Differential Transformer) inputs.

Designed especially to optimise the use of LVDTs in automation, process or lab applications, the Series DMI Single Channel LVDT Indicators reportedly offer user-friendly set-up with a scrolling display that actively prompts users for all LVDT parameters.

A 5-digit alphanumeric display, which can be calibrated in any engineering units, offers readout down to 1/10,000 inch. Units offer four programmable setpoints with alarm status annunciator LEDs. With the Series DMI Indicators, R&D staff, factory automation personnel and other technicians can easily set up and monitor the functionality of plant controllers and indicators without engineering assistance.

Designed to drive and condition the signal from an LVDT transducer, the Series DMI Single Channel LVDT Indicators contain two high-speed micro controllers and a 16-bit A/D converter that has over 130dB noise rejection at the excitation frequencies and is capable of 40Hz averaged output on 45 samples. Scrolling text menus provide quick access to a range of configuration modes for easy application setup.

LVDT sensors used with the Series DMI Single Channel LVDT Indicators can be applied in almost all engineering applications covering civil, mechanical, petrochemical, power generation, production, aerospace and defense.

They can be used on production lines to automatically gauge products for quality control and product sorting. In the power generation and petrochemical industries they can be used, for example, as servo position feedback on actuated equipment such as valves and dampers, or for measuring turbine casing expansion. Submersible units can be used in marine and offshore mining applications.

Macro Sensors offers its digital LVDT controllers in both AC- and DC-versions including the DMI-A1 Series AC LVDT Indicator, which utilises one of its two micro controllers to generate the sine wave for the AC LVDT excitation frequency. These frequencies are produced as multiples of the line frequency (either 50Hz or 60Hz that are selectable via the scrolling text menus). Units provide a high-speed 10V scalable analogue output without recalibration and built-in excitation to properly power any standard AC-LVDT.

The second LVDT controller, the DMI-DI Series DC LVDT Indicator, communicates with the selected controller internally via the .2C data bus. Units offer a 10V scalable analog output without recalibration and built-in 24V DC to power virtually any DC-LVDT.