Inefficiency drive

I write in response to the Porsche Cayenne/Panda discussion (Letters, 10 March).

Last year the government changed the categories of road tax so that all 4x4s would be classified as band G vehicles.

There used to be a 4×4 version of the Panda which, had it been built recently, would now been in this category and burdened with the same ill-thought-out charge.

VW, Subaru and most of the proposed ‘hybrid/electric’ vehicles currently being proposed also fall into the ‘four-wheel-drive category’ regardless of emissions.

If the government wants to stop so-called ‘chelsea tractors’ it should do so around those areas of London affected — and leave the rest of the country alone.

Out of town, where there is no adequate public transport, a 4×4 is essential for safe travel in ice/mud or snow conditions.

The latest charges mean that instead running newer, fuel-efficient cars, many of us will now be driving older vehicles that aren’t burdened in this way.

Chris Leonard