Infineon’s acoustic arrangement

Infineon Technologies and Hosiden Corporation are to combine their expertise and work together on silicon microphone activities. Terms of the arrangement were not disclosed.

According to both companies, the use of silicon in microphones makes them more rugged and more immune to Electro-Magnetic Interference (EMI) and shocks. They also exhibit higher heat resistance, withstanding temperatures of up to 260oC, allowing them to be soldered without any loss of sensitivity. This, claims Infineon, makes them ideal for use on fully automated production lines.

Infineon will bring its knowledge of semiconductors and Micro Electro-Mechanical Systems (MEMS) and Hosiden their proficiency in electro-mechanics and acoustics.

‘These [silicon microphones] will have smaller package sizes than today’s solutions, enable high-end acoustics for better sound quality and provide digital interfaces for reduced interference,’ said Peter Schiefer, of Infineon.