Information sharing is the key

CoCreate has announced the latest version of its SolidDesigner 3D MCAD product, which incorporates a host of new features to enable the easy sharing of designs and associated information throughout an organisation. Design teams can share 3D models, geometric dimensioning and tolerancing, inspection notes, manufacturing information, and more, with all departments and suppliers.

An all-new Geometric Dimensioning and Tolerancing Advisor allows the annotation of 3D models with the correct geometric dimensioning and tolerancing symbols and callouts. A new Design Information module allows design, engineering, assembly or inspection specifications to be associated with the 3D model.

Labelling Wizard capabilities support the transfer of 3D non-geometric information directly into the corresponding 2D drawings.

SolidDesigner 6.1 supports the automatic recognition of blend information on imported models, and offers dramatic graphics performance enhancements with boost redraw performance by up to 50% on OpenGL boards.

CoCreate. Tel: 01344 360000