Ink jet fax chip

Agere Systems has developed a single-chip controller for inkjet and thermal fax applications.

Today’s inkjet fax machines use as many as three printed circuit board assemblies to manage a variety of printing, processing and communications tasks.

Agere’s PI-301 system-on-a-chip (SoC) combines multiple discrete controllers, memory and modem functions, enabing all the electronics to fit on a single board, reducing overall electronics costs by 30 to 50% when compared to existing inkjet fax designs.

Agere’s PI-301 SoC manages image acquisition and processing, print mechanics – including scan control, print engine control, cartridge movement, ink firing, and paper feed and positioning – as well as fax modem functionality and advanced display features.

Engineering samples of the PI-301 chip are expected to be available in first calendar quarter 2004, with volume production beginning in second calendar quarter.

Unit pricing for the chip will be under $10 in sample quantities.

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