‘Innovative new access platforms

‘Innovative new access platforms to dramatically cut commercial costs’

(25.09.09) BOLDMAN Ltd, the UK’s leading distributor of an aluminium profile and accessories system, have established their 14 year business around the bespoke, modular nature of a product which is so versatile the applications are proving to be endless. 
Boldman are constantly looking for ways to innovate using their profile system to provide cost effective products and solutions that meet the demands of most industries throughout the UK.
After assessing industries such as manufacturing, aerospace and nuclear, it was found that many businesses were troubled by the mounting costs of compliance in regard to the new working at height regulations and the cost of maintaining non permanent access structures such as scaffolding.
Generally, it is accepted that these costs are absorbed weekly monthly or on a quarterly basis to satisfy regulations associated with scaffolding or scaffolding type access platforms. To counter these regulations Boldman have developed a range of access platforms to meet the demands of industries that currently require an annual inspection by in- house health and safety departments.
The Access Platforms are modular and maintenance free and are designed to meet the demands of the regulations, therefore providing freedom from the hassle of costly and time consuming inspections that are attached to all types of scaffolding.
The modularity of aluminium profile allows it to be bespoked to most types of applications, creating a permanent yet modular structure that can still be modified or adapted to meet new requirements.
Although useful visual aids to determine the current status of scaffold equipment, Scaff Tags are not always an accurate indicator of a full safety inspection.
Boldman’s Access Platforms are as versatile as they are cost effective, with many industries such as automotive, pharmaceutical, aerospace, marine, military, and nuclear already converting their traditional scaffolding structures to Access Platforms.
By taking full advantage of this new modular concept that is not only a more ‘fit for purpose’ but delivers significant financial savings, Boldman have found an innovative extension to their already extensive range of applications manufactured from the Boldman range of Aluminium Profiles and accessories.
Boldman’s Managing Director, Nigel Clarke is confident that his range of access platforms could be rolled out into every industry sector throughout the UK.
 He commented:
“Health and Safety is a prime concern for every business that is why most companies invest so much time and money into maintenance checks such as scaff tagging.  We are sensitive to these concerns, which is why we want to circulate awareness of our access platforms and ensure customers know that these bespoke products require absolutely no maintenance and will retain their structure and appearance for many years.

“By using modular aluminium profile and modular Handrailing systems we are able to bespoke a platform to meet most requirements, large, compact or small providing the versatility that industry has been looking for.”
The Boldman access platform range can be supplied to any business, throughout the country. Boldman offer a comprehensive design and manufacture service developed over the last 14 years, to meet all customers’ specifications.
Whether you require a single sided standard platform or a highly complex dock system, Boldman has the expertise to deliver the complete solution.
For further information please contact Boldman on 01204 522123 or visit www.boldman.co.uk.  

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