Input made easy

The new compact FID 1000 range from FKI Industrial Drives offers users the facility of Data Streamer, a hand-held, infrared programming unit for AC inverter drive control.

Data Streamer is said to give users of the FID 1000 drives the facility to program them more easily and allows quick remote programming via an infra red link.

Rated for constant torque of up to 37kW and variable torque up to 45kW, the FID 1000’s quick touch buttons give access to alpha numeric displays and allow programming through a concise standard menu with 14 basic parameters covering over 80% of all applications.

For more complicated applications an extended menu is provided which can be accessed via a unique security code and takes the range of options up to 40.It includes such items as Jog, DC Injection Braking, Skip Frequency, Drive Start Mode, Catching of Spinning Loads and Analogue O/P.

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