Machine slashes time and risers

A computer-controlled machine for removing the unwanted risers from aluminium cylinder heads and blocks is boosting productivity at castings company TransTec Automotive in Northern Ireland.

Bespoke machinery maker Marwin Production Systems developed the 3-axis PLC-controlled circular sawing machine to remove the risers on castings that are accurate to only 6mm.

The machine can be fine-tuned by jogging the axes to suit the size variations in a batch, while simple reprogramming of the PLC adjusts the set-up for new block and head designs. The the three-bladed machine has a throughput of over 80 parts an hour, cutting off 10 risers up to 200mm long from two levels.

Castings placed on fixtures are loaded so the risers face down and fall onto a conveyor for recycling. Floor to floor time is under 45 seconds.


The Hessapp DVH 150 duo vertical turning machine, suitable for volume production of small turned items such as automotive disk brakes up to 160mm diameter, can halve piece part costs, supplier Giddings & Lewis claims.

Two parts can be turned at once using the double spindle unit, which is a self-loading pickup design. Separate motors allow independent tool setting for each axis. Rapids are 60m/min in X and 30m/min in Y using digital drives.


Variable capacitance accelerometers from OEM supplier Endevco measure low levels of acceleration even after severe shock or vibration, making them ideal for high-end automotive engine testing, the company says.

Circuit-board mounted Microtron 7591/2 transducers have over-range stops and gas damping to withstand shock loads up to 10,000kg. They are available in 2, 10, 30 and 100g versions sensitive up to 1000mV/g.