Red Squirrel keeps wheel nuts safe

Red Squirrel, a safety device for preventing wheels from falling off lorries, is made from Nylon 6, an engineering polymer supplied by BIP.

Wheelsafe, which has patented the device, chose the material over an alternative stainless steel wire design on grounds of performance and cost. A crystalline material, Nylon 6 has a high melting point and retains dimensional and mechanical properties over a temperature range of 30 C to 70 C.

It moulds well and is suited to volume production.

The device, named for its colour and ability to keep nuts safe, threads around the wheel nuts absorbing vibration as well as retaining the nuts in the fully torqued position.


A new grade of multispot polypropylene from Austrian supplier PCD targets visible interior mouldings in cars.

The first application of Daplen is on the door pillars on the Vauxhall Astra saloon and estate models.


Heat shrink tube developed for vehicle wiring harnesses protects and supports ultrasonically welded splices, says supplier Canusa.

Duras CBK-ILS 125 is an adhesive lined, semi flexible, flame retardant tube with a 4:1 shrink ratio that is placed over large or irregular shaped connectors before ultrasonic splicing on machines. The operating temperature is 55 C to 125 C.