CIM ’99: Look who’s here (Part 10 of 10)

UK Automation Stand 1359

UK Automation combines the skills of Nano Automation with Cross Services to provide industrial automation systems for civil and electrical projects, electrical, mechanical and design implementation services.

Unicorn Systems Stand 333

Unicorn offers the new Syncron suite of integrated supply flow management tools including forecasting, replenishment, planning and scheduling, modelling and simulation and executive information systems.

Unigraphics Stand 1010

Unigraphics will display Solid Edge Origin, an internet downloadable 3D CAD software aimed at existing 2D-only CAD users in manufacturing; Solid Edge Origin 3D, production-ready 3D solid modelling software; Solid Edge Version 7 for advanced 3D solid modelling, draughting and visualisation; Unigraphics Version 16, high-end integrated CAD/DAM/CAE software; ProductVision for enterprise-wide, web-based visualisation and iMAN web-enabled product data management software.

USData Stand 734

USData offers FactoryLink, a scaleable SCADA system to consolidate production information onto a single platform, with the add-on WebClient for remote viewing and control of factories. Xfactory collects production data. SmartManager is a management system which gives small and medium-sized manufacturers total visibility and control of their business. FactoryLink version 7 and Xfactory version 1.4 will be launched.

Visibility Europe Stand 610

Visibility provides manufacturing business systems for the capital goods manufacturer. Key elements include an Interactive Selling Workbench, which controls all aspects of quotation and product configuration requirements; Project Workbench, which controls project costing; and Engineering Workbench, which controls parts, bill of materials, attributes, document references and engineering change control.

Visio Stand 1328

Visio will be showing the new Visio 2000 Technical Edition, technical diagramming and drawing software for engineers and others who work with CAD drawings. The latest version offers more precison drawing tools, better CAD file inter-operability and a wide range of improved drawing operations for key technical markets.

Wakefield Storage Handling Stand 302

Wakefield Storage Handling will be displaying the Electroclass vertical storage carousel, featuring Windows-based Gestock stock control software; the Diamond Phoenix horizontal carousel with Class IV control software; samples of hand-held radio data terminals for real-time data collection, and RF tagging identification techniques.

WE Instrumentation Stand 1249

WE Instrumentation offers Sixnet I/O systems which are optimised to work in concert with Windows-based programmes to create open systems for data acquisition and control. WE will also show the Weed range of fibre optics modems designed for use with PLC’s.

Weir Systems Stand 629

Weir Systems offers integrated solutions for e-commerce, workflow, customer relationship management and business intelligence. Cimpac 2000 consists of manufacturing, contracting, financial, distribution and marketing applications. Weir also offers Oracle Application database tools and technology for manufacturing and distribution markets.

X-CAD, X-CAM, X-NC Stand 1818

X-CAM provides advanced CAD/CAM applications for mould, tool and die companies. New products include X-NC Designer for core/cavity separation, advanced trimming and filleting of complex geometry; and X-NC Machinist for four and five-axis operations.

Xerox Engineering Systems Stand 1340

Xerox Engineering Systems will show a new scaleable version of its award winning Intranet Docs software, capable of supporting 3,000 to two million wide format documents on the web. Intranet Docs 2.0 can be scaled for workgroup, departmental and enterprise-wide solutions. Also on show at the stand will be Xerox 8825 and 8830 Digital Document Systems.

Xynetix Design Systems Stand N/A

Xynetix offers the EDAvalidator for electronic systems OEMs including logic designers, layout designers and manufacturing/test engineers involved in printed circuit board design.