CIM ’99: Look who’s here (Part 2 of 10)

Baan UK Stand 710

Baan is to introduce Baan Front Office 2000, Baan Supply Chain Solutions suite and Baan E-enterprise Solutions. The BaanSeries suite includes ERP, dynamic enterprise modelling, constraint-based supply chain planning, e-commerce applications, sales force automation, and financial operations.

Barco Stand 628

Barco’s Dextralog Division displays its integrated production monitoring system, PCMS. Textile automation systems include PCMS for spinning, weaving, knitting, inventory control and quality inspection; Cyclops automatic on-loom inspection; Eye Opener real-time shade detection system for fabric finishing; Loepfe Yarnmaster for yarn quality control and Jacquard Networking for management of CAD designs.

BEC UK Stand 759

BEC offers computer-based services for monitoring, coordination and control using integrated manufacturing management system MRP9000.

Berkley Myles Stand 670

Berkley Myles will be showing Manjob production/manufacturing software, and introducing a new touch-screen shopfloor data collection product and the Clock In-fo time and attendance system.

Boward Computer Services Stand 1148

Boward Computer Services is to introduce the Open Data control and business management system that enables transfer of data between disparate systems using Open Data’s Remote Agent technology. Boward also launches Open Telemetry, which allows users to implement easily integrated, low-cost telemetry systems.

Brain International Stand 470

Brain International, created by the merger of BIW and Rembold+Holzer, provides ERP software for small to medium-sized companies, automotive suppliers, textile, clothing and footwear manufacturers and other high-volume sectors. There is a new release of X-Line.

Cadtek Systems Stand 1218

Cadtek is to show Solidworks 99 and Cosmos/Works 5.0, which offers finite element analysis within SolidWorks. Cadtek and 3D Systems will also demonstrate Smart Solutions for distributed team development, SolidWorks and SolidView for product concept and design, Cosmos, Moldflow and Mechanical Dynamics for integrated simulation and analysis, and SolidWorks and 3D Systems for product visualisation, marketing, sales and concept modelling. Cadtek e-engineering products offer internet-enhanced product and data management.

Caliach Stand 570

Caliach is to debut version 2.6 of its CaliachMRP integrated manufacturing management system. New features include a credit control memo facility, the ability to print despatch labels, extended open database connectivity access security, a pop-up calculator and the ability to design and print custom general ledger reports.

Cambridge Monitoring Systems Stand 714

Cambridge Monitoring Systems introduces the new Monalog production scheduler. The Monalog shopfloor data capture system automatically monitors run time, down time, set-up time, product count and materials usage. A new range of Windows-based colour touch terminals for the factory floor will also be on show.

Canongate Technology Stand 1255

Canongate Technology will display the PRODAC-DrinkSoft system, designed specifically for beverage production and packaging facilities.

CG Tech Stand 1317

CG Tech will demonstrate the new 5.0 release of Vericut NC verification package, which simulates and displays material removal on an NC tool path. Version 5.0 is able to dynamically manipulate the model size, orientation and position during simulation, allowing greater flexibility to examine different areas of the in-process cut model.

CIM Services Stand 678

CIM Services offers the Swan Manufacturing MRPII system for small to medium-sized enterprises, and Sage Line 100 for financial control. Both systems are pc-based for NT and Novell operating systems.

Cisco Systems Stand 1258/1250

Cisco Systems is the world’s leading provider of end-to-end networking systems for the internet.

Compaq Design Technology Area

Compaq will show the new AP200 workstation, featuring Intel’s 550MHz Pentium III processor and 3Dlabs Oxygen GVX1 for high-performance 3D graphics. Compaq will be sponsoring the Design Technology Area at CIM ’99.

Computerised Engineering Services Stand 351

Computerised Engineering Services offers a five-user estimation package called Estim for estimating, quotation, management, job costing, time attendance and scheduling; Emtrac for data collection and time recording; and an electronic planning board called Preactor. New launch ESTIM Professional is a combined package of Estim, Emtrac and Preactor.

Control Group Stand 124

Control Group offers ERP product System 6000 for financial control, distribution and logistics management, manufacturing control and human resources. System 6000 is designed for businesses with a turnover above £5m in the distribution and manufacturing sector. An advanced warehouse management module will be introduced.

CP Corporate Planning Stand 712

Corporate Planner is designed for integrated planning, forecasting, analysis and reporting. Strategic Planning offers support for longer-range decision making, and contains numerous analysis frameworks and pre-built portfolio models.

CSI Stand 200

CSI is to launch a new web design and maintenance tool for manufacturing called Fastrak. CSI is part of the DCS Group and provides supply chain products including ERP, warehousing, APS systems, business intelligence and shopfloor data collection.

Cube Technology Stand 900

Cube Technology, part of the Orsi group, will be presenting its Cube product suite to improve integration between existing systems at plant level in the chemicals, food, drink and high-tech industries. Cube will launch a 3-tier architecture and a configuration tool called MESAD, which claims to reduce analysis time of plant problems by half.

Cutting Edge Solutions Stand 1012

Cutting Edge Solutions is Unigraphics reseller of the year, and will show Solid Edge being used in conjunction with complementary products for finite element analysis, mechanical simulation and animation. Solid Edge offers advanced part design, concurrent assembly, sheet metal, plastic part design, 2D draughting and pipe routing.