CIM ’99: Look who’s here (Part 3 of 10)

Damgaard Stand 820

Damgaard offers Axapata, an integrated enterprise system covering finance, supply chain management, customer relationships, logistics, project management and manufacturing, accessible via the internet, third-party products or custom-built applications. Concorde XAL is a flexible, client/server enterprise solution with euro-compliant currency handling facilities.

DataCAD Stand 1122

DataCAD will show Autodesk’s Mechanical Desktop 4 and Autocad Mechanical, and will demonstrate surface and assembly modelling, design automation, finite element analysis, dynamic analysis, sheet metal production and drawing management.

Dataware Specialist Products Stand 359

Dataware Specialist Products, owned by Apex Systems, specialises in data capture tools and complementary applications for time and attendance, access control, personnel management, warehouse management, labour control and works order control.

DCS Group Stand 200

DCS Group will display a range of integrated manufacturing applications for business intelligence, internet and e-business, shopfloor data collection, and mobile sales, fully integrated into Baan, Navision, BPCS and Mapics systems. Systems are supplied and supported by companies within the DCS Group which include CSI, Avro Business Solutions, Proximity Consultancy, Procon, Digica and the Computer Advisory Centre, which will all be represented on the stand.

Dedicated Engines Stand 1167

Dedicated Engines launches a new range of ethernet products, for measurement and control at all plant levels. Each product is equipped with a built-in web server for connectivity to the internet, intranet and fieldbuses using a Java-enabled browser.

Delcam Stand 1310

Delcam will launch the latest version of PowerSHAPE hybrid modelling software for the design of products and tooling featuring complex shapes. Modelling operations have been made more tolerant of poor-quality imported CAD data, offering greater inter-operability with a wide range of applications. New products will be shown based on PowerSHAPE for viewing and estimating and Power Solution.

Deneb Stand 1620

Deneb launches Quest V5_1 and Virtual NC V5_1, discrete event simulation packages and Virtual NC for emulation of machine tools, controllers and material removal. For the first time, Quest will incorporate a dedicated fluid modelling function, for use by chemical and process engineers, along with the new Quest optimiser OptQuest, for analysis of multiple business scenarios.

DF Group Stand 1445

DF Group offers a virtual factory enterprise package of software integration systems, which allows a central organisation to share work and communicate electronically with suppliers, partners and collaborators via a central database. The enterprise package is targeted at aerospace, transport and defence sectors.

Dolch Computer Systems (UK) Stand 559

Dolch is showing a range of rugged portable computer systems and flat panel displays. The 500Mhz FlexPAC PIII and new NotePAC versions will make their show debut. Latest Shark displays include a flat panel-mount version with a Pentium II processor.

Dymatec Stand 1134

Dymatec is to introduce a stainless steel version of the Comcover environmental computer enclosure to meet the needs of the food, pharmaceutical and petrochemical industries. The Comcase security enclosure will also be on show.

EDI Group Stand 660

Electronic Documents International provides intelligent document generation software for export, logistics and regulatory documents.

Eldis Stand 845

Eldis ISM has developed an electronic, automated replenishment system called EARS for efficient real-time stock control and supply chain management. EARS dispenses with manual inventory control and enables instant remote visual representation of inventory levels via EDI.

Enterprise Software Systems Stand 820

Enterprise will display Concorde XAL, a fully integrated business management system for small and medium-sized firms. Concorde XAL is implemented in over 4,500 sites across Europe.

ESI Group Stand 1614

Engineering Systems International will be showing Pam-Stamp sheet metal forming simulation software; Pam-Form for thermoforming and hydroforming of plastics and composites; Sysweld to improve the quality of welding and heat treating processes by simulation of residual stress distortion; and Sysply, a simulation tool for the design of composite material products.

Epicor Software Stand 910

Epicor Software Corporation provides ERP software for mid-market companies, and will be showing Avante for high-tech manufacturing functions, Vantage for jobshops and custom manufacturers and Vista, a Windows-based desktop system for small jobs or make-to-order departments of large enterprises.

Eventus Logistics Stand 350

Eventus Logistics launches the e-Plan demand chain planning suite in the UK, which enables manufacturers of complex engineering or electrical/engineering products to plan beyond the current order horizon and respond more rapidly to the market.

Excitech Computers Stand A25

Excitech will be presenting Autodesk’s Mechanical Desktop 4 powerpack, Autocad R2000 Mechanical and 3D Studio Max CAD/CAM packages.

Exel Computer Systems Stand 310

Exel Computer Systems is to launch EFACS E/8, the latest version of its integrated manufacturing, accounting and distribution software, which runs on Windows, NT and NT/SQL servers.