CIM ’99: Look who’s here (Part 4 of 10)

Feedback Data Stand 1450

Data capture technology manufacturer Feedback Data is to introduce a new smart card terminal to assist small companies in recording staff hours to aid compliance with the European Working Time Directive. Feedback Data will also be demonstrating the Mlog monitoring package.

FEGS Stand 1402

FEGS is showing the latest version of CADFix 3.0, a software package which assesses geometric and topological imperfections in a solid CAD model and corrects them either automatically or interactively. The Wizard facility can automate the operation of model repair and subsequently exports to other applications.

Foxboro/Invensys GB Stand 920

Foxboro is to launch Dynamic Performance Measures (DPM), an econometric modelling methodology for delivering real-time information to every member of the decision making process in business, economic and engineering terms. The `sensor to boardroom’ concept uses industrial/automation series systems which have an impact across the whole plant environment.

Gedas Stand 418

Gedas offers a range of systems to enhance process and system integration, and will feature a Volkswagen for which Gedas supports all IT systems from design to distribution. There will be demonstrations of product data management integration to the PDM system matrix (MxCatia, MxSAP), CAD demonstrations using Catia enhancements, Digital Mock Up and some EDI solutions.

Glovia International Stand 810

Glovia International is to show, a fully web-enabled flexible manufacturing and service software package for discrete manufacturing, targeted at the automotive, capital equipment, electronics and telecommunication industries. The package handles all levels of manufacturing supply chain and financial functions. New features include customer and supplier release modules, a forecast processor, container and load planning, tool and gauge management and an EDI module.

Greycon Stand 1550

Greycon offers a new scheduling facility designed to meet textile industry needs. It has also developed a stock manager module and will also present the 32-bit version of S-Plan, which includes enhancements targeted at the pulp and paper, metal, electronics and textile industries.

Huckerby Royall Systems Stand 568

Huckerby Royall Systems supplies the Jobshop production control system, for clients ranging from specialist sub-contractors to high-volume product manufacturers. It will also be launching Estimator, a product which aims to reduce estimating and quotation time.

IDS Scheer Stand 700

IDS Scheer will introduce the new 4.1 release of its ARIS process modelling software. It contains new functions for variant modelling and web technology integration. IDS is also developing a product for easier distributed modelling in wide area networks. Products on display will include analysis and modelling software ARIS Toolset, ARIS for SAP R/3, a Process Performance Management system, and an Enterprise Information Portal to manage knowledge in a company.

IFS Stand 220

IFS will demonstrate the latest release of ERP package IFS2000, which handles customer relationship management, e-commerce and event-driven business processing. Applications will be shown that address maintenance in aerospace, the automotive supply chain and general manufacturing.

IGE + XAO Stand 1118

IGE introduces the SEE 4000 electrical CAD package for schematics, 2D and 3D cabling and electrical implementation projects, running on multiple platforms.

ILOG Stand 368

ILOG offers a full range of optimisation and visualisation software components for decision-support applications. ILOG will show how it optimised paint-shop scheduling at Daimler-Chrysler. ILOG will also demonstrate sequencing and supply chain optimisation, using latest products ILOG Solver 4.4, ILOG Scheduler 4.4 and ILOG JViews 3.0.

Integrated Manufacturing Systems Stand 328

Integrated Manufacturing Systems introduces Uniplan V5, a fully-internet and e-commerce-enabled ERP solution, with costing, scheduling, quotations, MRP/MRPII aimed at small and medium-sized firms.

Intentia (UK) Stand 428

Intentia will feature six packages that are fully integrated into its Movex ERP system. It will also focus on customer relationship and supply chain management, business intelligence and data warehousing. A new integrated product combines Movex maintenance management with Movex advanced production planner.

International Software Marketing Stand 337

ISM offers two products to integrate ERP and automate trade procedures. The SPEX export system handles automation and management of trade content and regulatory compliance. The WT/3 trade management system automates transactions, and provides order processing, reporting, tracing, EDI and internet communications. ISM provides integrated trade logistics to System Software Associates world-wide (Stand 730).