CIM ’99: Look who’s here (Part 5 of 10)

JBA Stand 318

JBA will show the @ctive Enterprise series of ERP products including the latest version of @ctive Modeler which features time and cost modelling and process scheduling support. Other products include @ctive E-commerce and @ctive Processes, for defining, measuring and optimising business processes.

Kaba Benzing Terminals Stand 859

Kaba Benzing manufactures advanced terminals for shopfloor data capture, time and attendance and access control.

Kardex Systems Stand 518

Kardex is to launch a new range of automated tools dispensers (ATD), which is linked to a host controller using Cribmaster software from US firm Winware to optimise tool dispensing productivity and automate inventory stock control. The software enables the manufacturer to be linked directly to chosen suppliers, so stock can be reordered automatically when levels reach a minimum.

Key Production Systems Stand N/A

Key Production Systems offers a complete job tracking system from initial order through to the shopfloor and delivery. KPS modules cover materials, planning, scheduling and real-time shopfloor data collection.

Kewill Stand 510

Kewill will be demonstrating a major new development, E-Manufacturing, which links e-commerce and Kewill’s ERP applications. Kewill is also launching JobBOSS software aimed at jobbing engineers, tool and die shops and make-to-order manufacturers. Kewill Logistics offers a range of warehouse management, inventory control and radio communication systems, and also offers a consulting service to medium and large enterprises. Kewill Electronic Commerce supplies e-commerce software and services.

Lanner Group Stand 228

Lanner Group offers manufacturing organisations consultancy expertise and bespoke development to manage change in a variety of areas including plant design, logistics and production planning, using simulation technologies to evaluate the results in advance. Key products include Witness simulation and Provisa advanced planning and scheduling.

Leonardo Computer Systems Stand 1318

Leonardo Computer Systems is launching IronCAD in the UK, an advanced solid modelling system which allows collaborators to share in the design process regardless of which CAD system was used. Leonardo will also demonstrate JP5, a rapid prototyping product costing under £5,000, which is capable of making prototypes up to 500mm square.

Lighthouse Systems Stand 1300

Lighthouse Systems is to launch Exodua Shopfloor, a ruggedised data collection system. It will also display products including Shopfloor On-Line for handling product information, Machine Monitoring for downtime, scrap and efficiency data, Job Monitoring for production counts and Traceability to monitor raw materials, operators and engineers on line.

Lilly Software Associates Stand 122

Lilly Software provides supply chain management systems including Visual Manufacturing, a Windows-based management information and control system for manufacturers; Visual Financials enterprise accounting solution; Visual Distribution, a warehouse management system; and Visual Quality, to assist companies obtaining ISO9000 and Q59000 compliance certification.

Logica Stand 469

Logica Team 121 is a specialised SAP practice within Logica which offers consulting, training and reselling services across the UK and Europe. It provides the SAP R/3 integrated suite of enterprise-wide applications and will be giving demonstrations of associated applications.

LSC Group Stand 1321

LSC Group will demonstrate integration of its advanced just-in-time logistics information management system, LOCAM with Lockheed Martin’s ORION data management environment. The product is targeted at the defence sector and other manufacturing users.