Toolmakers offered free phone consultancy

Toolmakers, especially small firms, are being invited to take advantage of a free technical consultancy service set up by The Gauge & Toolmakers’ Association (GTMA).

Members can get advice from independent experts whose names are held on a database maintained by the GTMA. The service covers equipment and other areas such as associated software and communications technologies, including the internet.

The GTMA has also established a new membership section called the Tooling Technologies Group, under chairman Roger Onions, a director of CAD/CAM supplier Delcam.

The aim of this group is to strengthen links between toolmakers and suppliers, including overseas suppliers, further extending members’ technology base.


Fastenings company Textron has set up a design and manufacturing service for engineered assemblies to help the automotive industry and its tier-one suppliers cut product development and production costs.

A typical example (pictured) is an assembly platform for a vehicle airbag which has been redesigned to produce useful savings. This has reduced the number of parts from 13 to three, cut the number of assembly operations from 16 to two, and has produced a 70% weight reduction.


Burnley-based welding consultant Adrian Melton does not charge clients for consultancy. He shares the cost savings made over one year as a result of his recommendations.

Welding Technology looks for savings in the area of consumables (both purchase costs and lower usage) as well as process and design savings. Details are available on the Welding Technology website, at:


Brown & Sharpe PMI can provide Namas calibration of all makes of 3D step gauge used with coordinate measuring machines, up to 3m long.

An express 48-hour service is available, the standard being a guaranteed five days’ turnaround from its Namas laboratory in Leicester.