Feed and speed increased by five

Sandvik says it has achieved a fivefold improvement in cutting feed and speed rates and extended tool life with a redeveloped grade GC4025 insert for roughing and medium machining of steel.

The latest PR geometry doubles the available cutting edges that have also been toughened with a titanium coating. The new insert grade covers the entire ISO P steel application area, including so-called ‘sticky’ low carbon steels.

A distinctive gold finish on the insert makes identifying tool wear easier.


The Titex line of specialist drills for machining high strength materials used in aerospace, armaments and medical equipment, includes the Aerostar HSS-Co drills as well as Alpha 4+ solid carbide drill developed for cutting stainless steel.

Tinal Futura is a high performance range of HSS-Co drills available at off-the-shelf prices.


The latest in Stellram’s super-cooled products to deal with the problem of swarf fouling up cutters and spoiling workpieces is the OctoCool. This eight-sided insert milling cutter is for high speed, high performance face milling of materials from tough aerospace metals to more usual engineering steels. It can also be used for chamfering and slotting.

Through-coolant on the cutter body enables the OctoCool to cope with the swarf produced from successive passes up to 3.5mm deep when cutting at 90 to the workpiece.

Available as 42 and 87 angle versions, they are in diameters from 25 100mm. There are two to seven teeth per cutter and are thicker than average inserts to withstand shock produced when milling at feed rates up to 0.45mm per tooth.

Stellram has cut prices and improved performance across its milling, turning, drilling and threading products.


Three insert grades from Advanced Carbide Tooling claim excellent surface finish with good swarf and chip removal.

The NAC insert is a titanium coated high speed steel version for radial grooving of soft aluminium alloys or low-speed machining of small diameter parts made from the harder exotic metals.

The NBC insert has a sintered groove for machining long-chipping materials such as stainless steels and aerospace alloys up to 32mm diameter. Its ‘chip-breaker’ design prevents the endless coils of swarf produced by bearing steels.


Next week at Tooling 97 in Birmingham, grinding and measuring machine maker Walter will show a range of turning inserts suitable for light roughing operations as well as finish machining.

The NS4 and PS4 geometries comply with the ISO chip breaking range A/B for cutting depths from 0.1 4.0mm and feed rates of 0.05 0.35mm per revolution.


Productivity tests put Dormer’s HSS jobber drill 20% ahead of the competition, the company claims. The distinctive A001drill has advanced helix and special point geometries that enable it to perform like more expensive application tooling.


High performance grinding wheels from Unicorn include the dressable Vitrazon vitrified cubic boron nitride wheels and a universal range, the Univel HP. A porous bond system used on these vitrified super abrasive wheels ensure enhanced grit retention, says Unicorn.


The PTG turret index unit increases productivity on conventional and two-axis CNC lathes by providing rapid, accurate indexing of internal and external tools, eliminating fatigue, cycle and setup times associated with manual tool changing.

On the Jackpot, punch depth is easily adjusted using a screw thread on the stripper pot rather than the more usual and laborious method of shimming the punch after each regrind.

Up to eight different tools can be carried on the turret which can be mounted on the compound slide of a conventional lathe or on the crosslide of two-axis CNC machines.


With manual handling legislation limiting the loads people can carry, Wilmat’s Chuck Truck is designed to work in confined areas, lifting loads up to 98kg. It can be used to change chucks and face plates on lathes and other heavy parts on milling machines and small presses.

WILMATLeader Chuck Systems has brought out a low-cost power chuck aimed at the volume retrofit market.

The range covers two and three jaw, self-centering models from 165 315mm diameter with corresponding bore sizes from 4 95mm and top speeds of 6,000rpm. It can be used with a wide range of machine tools.


The Buck & Hickman cutting tool catalogue produced in collaboration with Sandvik Coromant and Dormer Tools details the most popular cutting tool ranges along with consumables from Gulf and Fort Sterling. It has a wipeable cover suitable for machine shop use.

Buck & Hickman

From Jacobs, inventor of the keyless chuck, comes a version for handheld angle grinders which makes wheel and accessory changes faster and more efficient. The Hand-Tite Power-Nut cannot be over tightened. It suits all grinders with 5/8 11in or M14 threaded armature shafts.