Single scaleable system is a first

The pace hots up with Version 2 of Euclid Quantum, the latest in a series of speedy releases of integrated engineering software based on CasCade, Matra Datavision’s fast proprietary development environment.

Version 2 enables product and process engineers to work closely early in the development cycle to cut product time to market.

Process information such as tolerancing, welding, plastics injection and sheet bending routines are now part of the product design portfolio.

Matra claims to be the first developer of a single scaleable engineering package to support product and process engineering, on Unix and NT platforms.

Step and Dmac compliant, the software’s open architecture allows ready integration with third party packages.


Version 5 of Catia, the engineering solutions software developed by French missiles company Dassault Systemes and sold by IBM, will be ready by Q3 1998.

Targeting companies that practice teamworking in small groups or across an extended enterprise, the program takes an integrated approach to applications, systems and services that include maintenance and field operations well beyond product and process development and manufacturing stages.

Scaleable across Unix and NT platforms, Catia supports the main industry standards including C++, object programming, Step and OpenGL.

Core functions are based on IBM’s e-business electronic data exchange solutions to streamline product development.

The program is backwards compatible with earlier versions including the latest release of Version 4 which introduced sophisticated shape engineering, sheet metal design, analysis and inspection capabilities. Car industry customers benefited from design routines covering body panels, dies, powertrain and plastics parts. Catia has 10,000 users worldwide.


Working Model, Desktop Engineering’s PC software for designing products that move, has two major upgrades.

Working Model 3D v3 tackles large assembly modelling of mechanisms involving over 100 parts as well as complex sub assemblies.

Users can now drive their mechanisms through interactive controls that simulate the controls an operator would use. Another powerful feature is the ability to transfer load information automatically from finite element analysis packages.

But most design is still two-dimensional. Improvements in Working Model 2D v4 increase the speed of the physics and collision analysis up to tenfold for realtime problem solving that includes NURBS non-geometric surface modelling.

Working Model integrates with Autodesk’s Mechanical Desktop, SolidWorks, EDS/Integraph’s Solid Edge and, most recently, Pro/Engineer. The interface now complies with Microsoft standards.


The DataExpert is a software program that enables process engineers to analyse and predict the thermophysical properties of fluids.

Available on CD for downloading to W95 or NT platforms, the software avoids time-consuming research and validation of numeric data as well as the need to assign uncertainties to individual data points.

The program is supported by two databases. Source contains 1.85m records of experimental numeric data based on the thermophysical properties of 17,000 chemicals.

The Table database contains recommended numeric data on 7,000 chemicals. DataExpert was developed jointly by the UK National Engineering Laboratory and the Thermodynamics Research Centre in Texas.


Fluid flow software company Fluent says its latest software uniquely meets the challenge of flow modelling for the chemical process industry delivering in-depth predictions of mixing, polymer processing, forming, separation, fluidisation and slurry transport.

New features are said to improve the quality of automated mesh generation and ensure more accurate results. The CFD program is available on Unix and NT platforms.


A multimedia tour of Anvil Express mechanical draughting and machining software is available on CD for W95 and NT computers with a 4-speed drive or better and multimedia capability.

The tour emphasises the Anvil product pedigree. Developer Manufacturing and Consulting Services has produced manufacturing software for over 25 years.