Multi-drilling solution from Centreline

Multi-drilling of relatively large holes can be carried out on a manual machine designed by Centreline for volume production. The cam-operated machine was developed for an automotive industry subcontractor, which had a requirement to produce four 13.5mm-diameter holes in the corners of a 102mm square-spring bracket, and another 23mm hole near its centre. These are through holes between 7mm and 21mm deep, depending on the thickness of the bracket, which is made of cast-iron. The cam design provides speed for positioning and power for cutting. The cluster plate adjusts to take spindles at different centres when drilling a new part.


Crawford Swift Targets, makers of oxyacetylene cutting equipment, have produced a new drilling machine that cuts tiny holes in the copper nozzles of flame cutters. One customer is said to have increased productivity four-fold with an automatic, three-machine cell offering automatic loading and unloading.