Drives and Controls

Expand in harmony

Harmonic Drive Systems has introduced several products from Kollmorgen Motion Technologies Group.

Known as the V series, the Vectorstar products accompany the Goldline axis drives and Servostar amplifier products and expand the company’s capabilities in the machine tool industry.

The devices are a series of 230 and 460V AC line operated AC vector drives which operate with the Goldline axis drivers and the Servostar amplifiers.

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An Internet site dedicated to UK industry has been launched by Siemens at The site provides information about distributors, enabling customers to locate their nearest Siemens stockist, as well as application, product and technical data, and details of training courses.

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Available from Chapmore Controls in 1,2 and 4 axis versions, the DSP based chip-set features a programmable 100 micros loop rate; four user selectable profiling modes for trapezoidal, S-curve, velocity contouring and electronic gearing; PID servo control; two directional limits per axis and 16bit DAC (+/-10V) or 10bit PWM outputs to the servo amplifier or bridge.

The chip-sets are suitable for manufacturers wanting to integrate motion control into their products. A developer’s kit including C, C++ and Pascal drivers ensure that users can create working prototypes quickly.

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