Drives & controls

Gearheads oust the worm gearboxes

A range of Hollow Shaft gearheads is available from Bayside Precision Gearheads. Intended as a high-efficiency replacement for worm gearboxes, the range has a compact, right angle, planetary design.

Bayside claims the gearheads achieve optimum servo performance, with high torque, high speed and low backlash properties.

Bayside Precision

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ABB’s Integral Motor combines an industrial AC motor with a variable speed inverter, mounted in-line on the non-drive end of the motor. ABB claims this presents significant advantages over previous, top-mounted inverter systems.

The in-line arrangement uses all airflow for cooling, and is not vulnerable to heat rising from the motor. The motor is more compact and does not obstruct airflow in axial fans. Intended applications are for pumps, fans and compressors. The integral motor allows manufacturers to design these products to optimum speed ranges without being limited by the drive.

ABB Motors

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