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Fibre optics solution for compact control

Builders of motion control systems want compact control equipment that is easy to set up and maintain, with minimal wiring.

GE Fanuc’s Series ‘i’ Power Mate motion controller replaces more conventional wiring with a high-speed fibre optics bus developed for its ultra-thin CNC controller.

The ‘i’-D model suits single or dual axis applications in transfer lines, indexing machines and assembly systems. Features include control for up to two axes and two spindles with linear or circular interpolation and improved machining capabilities.

The ‘i’-H model is intended for more complex applications.


Machines that take time to stop increase cycle times and lower productivity. The worst offenders are circular saws, and radial drilling machines that are used in batch work.

Motor control company MTE tackles the problem with Powerbrake, an electronic DC injection braking system suitable for any standard induction motor up to 75kW.

The unit, supplied with or without a direct-on-line starter, can be triggered by numerous safety devices.


Putting starters next to the motors they control rather than in a central control panel makes it easier and cheaper to modify plant. AS-i compatible starters from Telemecanique are rated up to 4kW.

There is no need for expensive conventional wiring between the starter and the control panel, only connections to the AS-i bus and motor supply. They are available in standard and reversing direct-on-line versions with IP65 or IP54 protection ratings.


Electronic damping techniques developed by Parker for its latest Zeta series microstepping drives improve performance over mechanical damping, which adds to system cost and inertia.

Parker’s patented electronic viscosity and active damping technology reduces the risk of stalling caused by oscillation at the resonant frequency.