E-business for industry: talking points

Cost over-runs

`Being late and over cost is a characteristic of many large and complex projects. PA’s research on more than 3,000 projects and direct experience of over 100 large, complex projects shows only 10% exceeded their targets and over 50% failed to get close to their targets.’ Barry Brooks, PA Consulting Group

Business change

`Introducing fully integrated, end-to-end electronic business into an organisation requires an extensive change programme with appropriate management attention. It is important to consider changing the way the business is transacted and the associated business processes.’

John Robinson, EDS

Life cycle costs

`Starting points of product data management implementations are generally business process re-engineering activities, related to product development. As overall costs are dominated by the operating costs during the in-service phase, it becomes obvious to extend the PDM to the whole product life cycle.’ Robert Schnurer, DaimlerChrysler Aerospace

Engineering support costs

`Operational scenarios are changing, supply chain arrangements are being rationalised and engineering support is under pressure to provide better value for money. If operational and support issues are analysed and modelled in isolation, one part of the cost effectiveness equation is likely to remain in jeopardy.’

Mike Caffyn, GKN Westland System Assessment

Global engineering

`It is common to design a product element in one country, produce various product elements in several countries, and deliver a single product globally. Cars, aircraft and many consumer goods are excellent examples of global engineering and manufacturing.’

CW Jordan, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory

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