Electrical and Electronics

Masking for sensitive components

3M has developed a heat-resistant solder masking tape that can protect gold leads and other heat-sensitive components during wave soldering operations while minimising the tribo-generation of electrostatic charges.

Scotch No 42 Anti-Static Solder Mask Tape can withstand temperatures of up to 500 degrees F and is designed with a proprietary conductive polymer adhesive to minimise static generation at the instant of surface separation.


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Onboard Electronics has launched a subminiature PCB terminal block for high density circuits such as telecoms equipment. Phoenix Contact’s MPT 0.5 has a 2.54mm pin spacing and is available with between two and 12 poles.

Measuring 6.2mm deep and 8.5mm high, the blocks, with integral wire protector, handle solid or flexible conductors with a diameter of 0.14-0.5mm. Rated at 6A and 63V, and holding UL and CSA approvals, the VO-rated green Polymide body provides a high degree of flame retardency.


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A range of rectifiers from Kestronics includes general-purpose parts as well as super fast, glass passivated devices which offer reserve recovery times down to 35ns.

Suitable for low cost drop-in replacement in existing designs, the Taiwan Semiconductor rectifier family comprises more than 150 devices. These meet voltage requirements of between 20-1300V and current ratings ranging from 1-50A.


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