Electrical equipment

Triple life of batteries

Taking just 2.2V supply, National Semiconductor says its new power operational amplifier can more than triple battery life when used in passive battery-powered equipment such as smoke or gas detectors.

Housed in mini-outline MSOP-8 package, the LMC6442 has an industry-low power current consumption typically 0.95 A, making it suitable for extending the life of single lithium ion or two-cell nickel cadmium and alkaline batteries.

Two devices provide maximum offset voltages of 3mV and 7mV. Rail-to-rail output voltage swing associated with low-voltage battery supplies is to within 30mV of the supply rail.


Power factor correction is integral to a compact, configurable power supply from Vicor.

The MegaPAC is a universal AC input switching power supply with near-unit power factor.

It provides from one to 16 outputs totalling up to 1,600 watts.