New gel for heatsink applications

A thermally conductive gel developed by Raychem outperforms elastomeric pads, silicone greases and adhesives in heatsink applications, the company says.

HeatPath gels are self-adhesive and highly conformable, eliminating most gaps between an electronic device and a heat sink. This increases thermal conductivity, reduces device junction temperatures and improves heat dissipation.

The gel is effective even on the rough surface of a low-cost heat sink. Because it moulds to the component using light hand pressure there is no need for costly clamps. Gels do not need heat curing and remain stable – chemical cross-linking stops the gel flowing away from the heat source.


Sanyo Denki’s chip cooler is for use with Pentium II processors. In single edge connector format, the San Ace MC fan unit operates from a 12VDC supply drawing a 0.08A current. Thermal resistance is 0.69 degrees C/W, operating noise 29dB(A) maximum and fan life exceeds 40,000 hours at 60 degrees C.


Tiny Bujeon buzzers that target pagers and other portable applications make a big noise – at least 85dB from a 3V or 1.5V supply. Flint stocks a range of eight of these surface mount buzzers with oscillating frequencies of 2.7kHz or 3kHz. The smallest has a mounted height of 3mm and footprint of less than 1cm2. The biggest weighs less than 1g.


Using solid state input/output modules rather than relays, designers can make more reliable connections between sensitive electronic equipment and spike-prone mains circuits, says supplier Crouzet which has extended its AC and DC I/O ranges.

At 38.4mm high, Crouzet claims the C4 modules have the smallest equivalent footprint on the market. One type covers 5V, 15V and 24V logic signals, cutting inventory costs. GMS modules have similar features but are supplied in a 17.5mm wide DIN rail housing.


Green Filters are a low-cost solution to EMC compliance when connecting equipment to a non-compliant power supply says Coutant Lambda. The FG121R6 filter provides harmonic correction above 75W, for even better system immunity.