Engineering Software

Programming times cut

Using AlphaCam software, training equipment maker LJ Technical Systems has cut manual programming and machine set up times by around 75%, even on complex parts such as valves and circuit boards.

User-friendliness was the reason for the choice of package and machining tolerances are tighter. The AlphaCam standard milling module speeded up programming of a Wado System 6M horizontal machining centre with Fanuc CNC control.


Part Adviser is a program for designers of injection moulded plastics parts, allowing them to work directly with a 3D solid model created in SolidWorks.

The aim is to cut the costs of part redesign and mould rework by avoiding data translation, meshing and model cleanup operations. The program is easy to use, requiring no previous analysis or plastics expertise, says the supplier.


A Web server edition of the statistical process control software NWA Quality Analyst enables engineers working on corporate intranets or extranets to use data rather than just view it.

SQC/SPC charts created centrally can be sent to the Web site in various formats including standard graphics images. Charts can be static or dynamic, the latter generated from the most up to date information from the process line.


Paracis Plus, an intelligent bidirectional Parasolid-ACIS translator for Windows NT, is now available in the UK through a a distributor agreement between developer Geometric Software Services, India and Datranet.

The program allows the direct exchange of 3D curves, surfaces and solids data between Parasolid and ACIS based CAD/CAM/CAE applications and allows repairs to imprecise models.