Engineering’s top 20 deals, year to October 1999



Siebe (UK) merged with BTR (UK) 7,600 February 1999Siebe and BTR joined to form the UK’s largest engineer, now calledInvensys.

TRW (US) acquired LucasVarity (UK) 4,000 May 1999

GEC (UK) acquired Fore Systems (US) 2,800 June 1999GEC, now called Marconi, bought internet switching equipmentmanufacturer Fore as part of a bid to remake itself as acommunications company.

National Grid (UK) acquired New England Electric System (US) 2,000 January 2000

AES (US) acquired Drax power station from National Power (UK) 1,900 October 1999

GEC (UK) acquired RELTEC (US) 1,300 April 1999

Ford Motor (US) acquired Kwik Fit (UK) 1,000 June 1999

Rolls-Royce (UK) acquired Vickers (UK) 577 October 1999

Baxi Partnership (UK) acquired heating division from Blue Circle (UK) 480 October 1999

Rolls-Royce (UK) acquired BMW Rolls-Royce from BMW (Germany) 450 October 1999Rolls-Royce bought BMW’s 50.5% stake in BMW Rolls-Royce, a jointventure set up up in 1990 to develop the BR700 engine.

Berisford (UK) acquired Scotsman Industries (US) 447 August 1999

GPU (US) acquired 50% of Midlands Electricity (UK) 438 July 1999

AlliedSignal (US) acquired electronic materials division from Johnson Matthey (UK) 420 August 1999

Henlys Group (UK) acquired Blue Bird (US) 415 October 1999

National Grid (UK) acquired Eastern Utilities Associates (US) 387 December 1999

TI Group (UK) acquired Walbro (US) 348 June 1999

IMI (UK) acquired Polypipe (UK) 337 June 1999

GKN (UK) acquired Interlake (UK) 335 February 1999

Dynacast (UK) investor buy-out 322 April 1999

Vickers (UK) acquired Ulstein (Norway) 304 May 1999

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