Curtains that shrug off water

Waterproof light curtains safeguard staff working with machinery in areas such as food and pharmaceuticals where frequent hosing down is necessary.

Rated to IP65, Castell 50000HD series light curtains withstand a directed stream of water and can distinguish the shape of a person from an inanimate object within range.


Weighing and metering company Rospen has achieved a breakthrough with a pack-filling system it claims is more accurate and reliable than the usual volumetric or multihead weighing systems, particularly with combined ingredients.

The Polly feeding system provides a particulate fill rate repeatable between +/-2% and +/-5% on throughputs of 50-150 units per minute. The system is built around special flow splitting valves set up to suit the application – a rotary device, say, for sachet filling; or a splitting/diverting valve for adding nuts to cereals.


Compressed natural gas (CNG) is being used for the first time to power lift-trucks. The fleet of 17 Yale trucks working at GKN Hardy Spicer, the Birmingham maker of constant velocity driveshafts, is a pioneering move by GKN and British Gas Natural Gas Vehicles, which built the gas refuelling station.

Apart from being quieter, the environmental benefits of CNG-powered vehicles are overwhelming: they produce 80% less Nox than diesels, 97% less hydrocarbons and 10% less CO2.


Transmission Developments solves the problem of identity, be it corporate or product, with a range of coloured drive belts. Available in over 500 BS and RAL standard colours, in any length or width, they can be used for power transmission or as conveyor belting combined with optical sensors. Special company colours can include metallics and fluorescents.


Dust extraction company Nederman has installed a versatile dust management system at glass fibre moulding company Gloucester Composites. The FB6 Filterbox has a long flexible arm that allows the extraction head to be placed where it is needed during deflashing – a dusty and variable process using drills, files and sandpaper.