ThermaCam puts focus on accuracy

Uncooled infrared detector technology is improving image quality and accuracy on a new range of portable thermal imaging cameras from Inframetrics. ThermaCam Ultra X95 cameras, for predictive and preventative maintenance work, have a measurement range of 20 C to 500 C, stable to +/-2 C. They are said to need less frequent calibration than other types, work well outdoors and are immune to solar reflection. They support a range of Windows-based image processing software for trending, analysing and reporting functions.


A low-cost version of the Cyclops Mini Laser portable infrared thermometer has been developed by Land Infrared. It has a narrower temperature band of

-30 C to +400 C but offers the same levels of accuracy. A back-lit display provides a clear temperature read-out even in poor light within 0.8s. Continuous, peak or monitor modes that include an out-of-range warning meet most application needs.


Handling company Univeyor has developed retrofittable sensor equipment to protect products on lightweight conveyors from making contact, particularly when they are being accumulated. Photosensors synchronise the cascading of product by zones, using a system called zero-line pressure accumulation, which is said to be flexible and cost effective. The conveyors can handle loads up to 50kg.


Table-top baggers/sealers in the Autobag Pace Setter range, aimed at companies with packaging needs of less than 250,000 bags a year, are 30% lighter than former models. They take reel-fed preformed polythene bags from7.5cm2 up to 28cm x 55cm and are electrically operated from a single-phase supply.


Enerpac’s new automated positioning and clamping system improves machining repeatability on Cincinnati Milacron 4-axis machining centres, used to mill the roots of blades on electricity turbines. A hydraulic clamp on each pallet can be hand or foot operated. During machining, accumulator blocks maintain pressure to the 5kN linear and manifold- mounted 35kN swing cylinders, sequenced by a valve for accurate positioning and clamping.


Industrial hose supplier Pirtek has developed a tagging system that speeds up hose identification and replacement. Customers can easily spot a hose ready for change due to age, the company says.