Factory equipment

Roadshow on the cutting edge

Bonded abrasive cut-off wheels made from patented Cubitron mineral last up to eight times longer than competitive aluminium oxide versions, claims maker 3M. Cheaper, say, than diamond wheels when used to cut carbon fibre, Green Corps cut-off wheels suit many different types of material from exotic alloys to plastics, producing a cut that is fine and accurate with minimal burring.

To show this and other products, the company is touring the country in its newly-equipped demonstration van, providing a solutions-based approach to problems in such areas as casting, forging, metal fabrication and the machine shop.


A portable automatic descaling system is helping plastics injection moulder Windmill to cut maintenance and energy costs by removing limescale from key parts of the process, such as hopper throats and oil coolers, as well as vents leading to the moulds themselves.

Windmill has 43 moulding machines ranging from 30-400 tonnes capacity. It is using a ChemiTherm 300 ER to remove scale from all 43 machines on a two-month cycle. Developed to remove scale from cooling channels, the system can be programmed for cleaning and rinsing times and temperatures. It is also self-cleaning and neutralises cleaning chemicals.


Kalmar’s new forklift truck combines hydrostatic and hydrodynamic drive systems to improve operator comfort and control while retaining better fuel consumption and lower noise benefits.

The hydrostatic drive gives faster cycle times as there is no need for the driver to stop to engage forward or reverse gears. Kalmar’s electronic control system calculates optimum engine speed and braking.