Factory Equipment

Coating like a rocket

New coating technology from Metallisation uses rocket propulsion to give much higher density and lower oxide coatings than traditional thermal spraying. The Met-Jet II system applies surface coatings of copper, chrome and tungsten carbide closely matching the material to which they are applied.

Thermally sprayed copper coatings are inevitably oxidised and porous, cutting their effectiveness as electrical conductors.

The new coatings are produced by accelerating and softening the powder feedstock, rather than overheating it as in other processes.


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Miniarm FX from Nederman is a benchtop at-source fume extraction system available in 50mm and 75mm diameter versions with a combination of lengths to suit all applications and environments. Filtercarts are light, self-contained units for use in maintenance and repair welding work and come with fan, 2m long fume extractor and spotlight to illuminate the work area.


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