Factory equipment

Moving heavy loads

Industrial turntables from Hovair Systems increase the safety and efficiency of large and heavy load handling.

Using an air flow system, the turntables rotate and move loads up to 500 tonnes with minimum effort. They can be linked to a remote control operating station or operated manually. All versions incorporate emergency stop positions for added safety.

Hovair Systems

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Bosch has launched a range of press-fit systems for interference fit joints with integrated quality control functions. The press-fit operation is done by a press spindle, driven by an EC drive motor. Force and travel sensors are incorporated within the press spindle to monitor and control force exerted and distance travelled.

The PE100 press control stores up to 16 sequences, each having up to eight freely definable steps.


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Allaway Acoustics has an extended range of spring mounts to prevent vibration from equipment being transmitted to buildings and structures. Unlike traditional rubber blocks and mounts, the devices incorporate high deflection steel springs and high-frequency isolation pads and grommets for improved vibration isolation.

The 48 mounts range from light duty to double-spring units that support and damp more than 2 tonnes each.

Allaway Acoustics

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