Limit switches on guard

Provision of electrical monitoring for guards on machinery that meets the requirements of safety standard prEN1088 are simplified by using XCK limit switches.

From Telemecanique, a brand of the Schneider group, the three ranges of XCK guard limit switch prevent machinery from starting until the guard is fully closed. There is a positive stop signal if the guard is moved from the fully closed position and an anti-tamper feature.

As the guard closes, a special key enters the switch head. Only when the key is fully inserted does it actuate a multiple interlock device which allows the switch’s normally open contact to close. Opening the guard disengages the key and forces the positively driven switch contact to open.

The XCK-P and XCK-T ranges have plastic bodies to provide double insulation and turret heads which can be rotated in 90 degrees steps. XCK-P switches have a single cable entry and the XCK-T units two. Both are suitable for light duty applications. The XCK-J metal-bodied range is for heavy duty jobs. There are versions to automatically lock the operating key in the fully inserted position, preventing the guard from being opened until released.