Hydraulics and Pneumatics

Kit speaks for itself

A speaker presentation kit from the British Fluid Power Association is available on CD-rom with a script outline and 40 visuals which provide an overview of the fluid power industry with particular emphasis on applications.

The kit can be used in a variety of organisations including schools, colleges and universities. Speakers can add their own company information to the visuals and script can also offer audiences an educational brochure.


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Camozzi has introduced the Series 41 profile cylinder which conforms to DIN/DSO 150 6431 and VDMA. It is suitable for use in environments where hygiene is a priority such as food or pharmaceutical packaging, in addition to other standard applications.

The cylinder is suitable for non-lubricated operation, has optional flow controls and a magnetic piston as standard. Bore sizes range from 32-100mm diameter, the profile cylinders are ergonomically designed for cleanliness.


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