Safer leak free mould making

French fluid power equipment maker Hydromat has come up with an original design in hydraulic cylinders for use in the plastics moulding industry.

The Master Series overcomes the problem of oil leaks by eliminating flexible hose and couplings. The oil feed system is built into the face of the mould seal and connected by smooth holes on the joint face itself.

Use of the cylinders means that mould making becomes safer with less downtime and lower manufacturing costs, the maker claims.

Units have an operating pressure up to 160bar and come in bore sizes from 25mm to 125mm providing a maximum travel of 400mm.


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CPE is a series of valves from pneumatics company Festo, featuring a narrow profile but with an internal design that maximises fluid flow.

Usable as single valves mounted on a manifold or directly mounted on to the cylinders, there are two options providing flow rates up to 1600l/min. They are available initially in three overall widths of 10mm, 14mm and 18mm.

Festo GB

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The VDO-IMT range of diaphragm pressure gauges is for high over-pressure as well as highly viscous and/or crystallising media.

Standard pressure ranges are from 0mbar to 16mbar and 0bar to 40bar, providing up to five times overpressure. Options include glycerine filling, alarm contacts and a choice of thread sizes including 1.2in BSP.

OEM Automatic

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Superior sensitivity and reliability are claimed for the Plast-O-Matic Series MPC tubing check valve range with its free-floating diaphragm that responds to even the slightest pressure change. Tested with a wide range of fluids, the valve is available in various materials including, for the first time, PVDF.

Chem Resist

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