Liquid-ring confidence

Compressors designed to work on the ‘liquid ring’ principle of isothermal compression can handle explosive, corrosive, toxic and even lethal gases safely.

Nash Europe’s HP compressors can process contaminated and saturated gas mixtures at discharge pressures up to 5.5 bar g and higher, making them suitable for vapour condensing or recovery.


The Sonic Air Knife cuts water from a surface, drying it out instantly according to Compressor Parts and Accessories, the UK licensee for equipment maker American Sonic Air Systems.

Such equipment used for drying cans and bottles on production lines will be essential once solvents, used to dry inks for coding purposes, are phased out.

The knife can be fitted to existing production equipment.


West Group has extended its Copor range of compressed air silencers to include maxi versions with port sizes up to 2in BSP (British standard pitch).

There are 25 types of silencer also now available with body and filter material made from stainless steel. All are suitable for pressures up to 12 bar and temperatures up to 80 C.

Associated filters available in disc, cone, hat and cylinder profiles include wire and powdered metal types, with a filtering capability down to 10 m.


Prestolok Micro miniature pneumatic fittings are designed for quick connection to low-velocity fluid circuits in packaging, food, automotive, textiles and robotics.

They can be used at working pressures up to 16 bar on tubing from 3mm to 6mm diameter.

A stainless-steel grab ring invented by Parker allows the tube to rotate freely within the fitting.

Light and small, fittings suit unsupported pipe runs or where space is limited.


Pneumatic Sid, a 6ft 6in virtual engineer, is brought to life by Sussex animatronics expert Pilot Models using SMC technology. Actuators and miniaturised valves give Sid near-lifelike movement and a gripping action in the hands. Movement is proportional, controlled by local microprocessors.