Mini PC can be put in your pocket

T he Dolphin-NS No Scan microcomputer, a pocket-sized robust PC shaped for easy single-handed use, meets IP65 standards for resistance to water and dust and can be dropped repeatedly on to concrete from 1.5m without damage.

The Hand Held Products PC is designed for real-time data collection and mobile data communication indoors or in the field. The handheld PC, upgradeable for use as a barcode reader, has a 32-bit 386 processor and up to 10Mb RAM.

The unit can be recharged using an infrared communication cradle fixed to a vehicle dashboard. An RS232 port connects to mobile data modems.


A low-cost fully functional explosion-proof Windows 95 PC suitable for Zone 1 and Zone 2 hazardous areas joins the Bartec range of MMI operator terminals.

The Ex PC has a powerful Pentium 586/166MHz processor and 64Mb RAM.

There are two card expansion slots, one filled with a Novell 2000 network card and the other available for custom cards within size and heat output constraints; instrumentation company Foxboro is said to be interested in supplying a DeviceNet card.

Ex PC is modular and can be used to drive up to five slave operator terminals within the hazardous zone 300m away, saving on the cost of a full PC in each place. Ex PC costs about £600, one third the price of other hazardous zone PCs.

There is a choice of VGA or XGA graphics and a 14.5 or 10.4 TFT screen with options on mouse and keyboard types. Ex PC runs NT or Unix applications with a compiler.


Data acquisition company Amplicon Liveline sells a PC-type digital I/O card for laptop computers that gives 48 lines of communication in any mix of inward and outward data flow.

The D480 card, compatible with DOS, Windows and NT operating systems, is a plug-and-play device requiring minimum set-up using the Card Centre Pro software. It includes a demo written in C++ that can be used to create bespoke applications free.


Data storage company Plasmon has announced an upgrade programme for customers using M-Series jukeboxes.

For about £2,400 including installation it can upgrade from a 2.6Gb drive to a 5.2Gb half-height multi-function drive based on the latest magneto optic technology.

The Mod520 drive is compatible with existing MO technology, according to Plasmon.

Benefits include faster data transfer and a doubling of storage capacity for CAD/CAM, document management and Internet applications.


Nineteen-inch rack supplier Data Racks has had its products independently tested for load carrying capacity at Cambridge University Structures Laboratory. The tests should ensure that increasingly sophisticated hardware such as file servers, power supplies, routers, hubs and cabling do not stress the enclosure.

The company’s rack enclosures are assembled using nuts and bolts rather than being welded.

A free-standing standard enclosure is rated to 450kg, equivalent to the weight of six men.


Modular chassis from Texas Micro provide maximum flexibility for applications, ranging from telecoms to process control and data acquisition, the company says.

The MultiPro 3600 series chassis provides up to 14 ISA or 13 PCI/ISA slots with a variety of form factors, backplanes, single-board computers and power supplies.