Industrial Computing

Screws out foam in

Revolutionising industrial PC design is how Kontron Electronik sees its latest rackmount computer the first to provide mainboard and backplane solutions in the same chassis, claims the company.

Another innovation is the use of moulded foam fixing instead of traditional screws, allowing 90 second replacement of a drive and easier servicing.

In the patented Electronic Packaging and Assembly Concept, expanded polypropylene foam channels air directly to hot spots like the CPU. Parts embedded in foam resist shock and vibration.


Arcom’s I/O module provides four-channel serial communications for any PC compatible system with PC/104 expansion. The AIM 104-COM4 features standard RS232 and opto-isolated RS422/485 communications for ground-loop protection. It handles data transfer rates up to 1154.2kbit/sec.


A field-ready ruggedised PC has ample room for expansion, accommodating up to four 3.5in disk drives and 10 expansion cards. For harsh environments, the EZR-2307 with its 19in enclosure can be desk or rack mounted. Applications include telecom servers and GPS navigation systems.


Two fast, short-range modems from Amplicon provide asynchronous RS232 data transfer rates up to 115.2kbit/sec. Model 1060 has a 14-mile range and the self-powered 1010B communicates between buildings over 600m.