Notebook help in tough conditions

Teklogix has launched a rugged high performance notebook computer for wireless radio frequency data communication and mobile computing applications.

The TKX-3000 extends the range of RF-based data communications terminals and PCs from the company which aim to give users desktop performance in the factory, accessing, sending and receiving realtime and other data on demand.


The Epic 40000 TFT is a heavy duty, PC-based flat-screen workstation developed in the UK for control and other industrial man-machine applications.

With a choice of processors ranging from a basic 80486DX to high end Pentium, the computer has a 12in TFT high-resolution LCD screen capable of displaying thousands of colours.

It has an integral trackball and alphanumeric keypad and looks slim and elegant but is housed in a heavy duty steel chassis with sealed front panel to meet environmental and industrial protection standards. An optional stainless steel finish meets food industry requirements.