Cleaning, finishing, surface preparation, heat treatment

Mecwash Systems: Stand 3048

The centrepiece of the MecWash stand is the firm’s recently introduced Turbo Tunnel – the world’s first rotating tunnel wash system. Components, automatically indexed through the two or three chamber installation, are subjected to an initial high-volume spray-wash stage and then on to rinse and drying processes. Importantly, this enables components to be delivered to the production process in as little as two to three minutes – an important consideration where the washing and drying function is a key element of a manufacturing line.

Alongside this, the Mec Wash Solo is also being featured at mach 2000. The highly compact packaged unit is widely used in industry, particularly where turned or pressed parts, stampings, forgings, extrusions or machined castings are being produced.

Turbex: Stand 5272

Turbex is exhibiting a wide range of ultrasonic and spray-washing machines for component cleaning. Of particular note are three new models; the RT-865 rotating basket machine; the 31D/ST helical drum, multi-stage; and the top loading model 1700 T2 multistage, which has an integral hot-rinse tank.

Also on the stand will be the popular Crystal CR-90 multi-stage ultrasonic system, plus various items reflecting the latest in component cleaning technology.