CG Tech: Stand 5400

CG Tech will be showing the next generation of its Vericut Version 5 for the first time in the UK. Vericut stimulates and displays the material removal process of a CNC tool path, enabling programmers to correct programming errors and correct inefficient motion before sending parts programs to the machine shop. The program depicts milling, drilling, turning, wire EDM and mill/turn machining operations, with two-axis through five-axis simultaneous motion.

In addition to showing material removal, Vericut simulates entire CNC machine tools, driven by emulated controls, just as they appear on the shop floor. By performing constant collision detection between machine components, holding fixtures and tool assemblies the program alerts users to possible collisions that may damage the part, the machine, or endanger bystanders.

CimWorks UK: Stand 5556

CimWorks UK is showcasing its VisualMEM monitoring package at this year’s MACH show. Visual MEM captures critical cycle time, maintenance and production information directly off the machines and organises that information for production and maintenance managers.

Information is presented in colour-coded, on-screen, real-time displays, as well as a large array of reports for plant analysis and trouble shooting. On a single screen a manager can see the status of all machines in one area or all areas. Colour-coded icons indicate machine status: green denotes running, red indicates the machine is down and blue corresponds to idle.

Delcam UK: Stand 5751

A preview of the new release of PowerMILL machining software is demonstrated on the Delcam stand. PowerMILL 3 will offer increased productivity, both during the calculation of NC date and while machining, as well as offering a total machining package. This has been made possible by introducing the PowerMILL Sketcher, which allows the operator to define any 2D or 3D pattern and then use this as the basis for machining.

Licom Systems: Stand 5651

The latest version of Licom’s AlphaCAM software for CNC machine tools is now available. AlphaCAM runs on Windows 95/98 or NT and key features are its ease of use and flexibility. Licom is the first company to license Microsoft VBA (virtual basic for applications). This allows even moderately skilled programmers to modify existing AlphaCAM functionality and add their own routines and commands without reference to Licom’s programming team.

MDSI: Stand 5757

Manufacturing Data Systems will be demonstrating Version 5.0 of OpenCNC software at MACH 2000. OpenCNC is an all-software CNC built on an open architecture that combines a soft CNC, a soft PLC, and HMI in one application, running on a single processor from a single operating system, Microsoft Windows NT. On the stand OpenCNC will control a Bostomatic vertical machining centre.

The latest release enables users to perform remote machining maintenance and diagnostics via the internet or a factory intranet and it supports SERCOS for digital drives. It is also one of the first CNC products to support Microsoft’s Windows Distributed Internet Applications Architecture (Windows DNA for Manufacturing).

Vero International: Stand 5552

Vero International Software will be focusing on the latest developments of its VISI-Series integrated 2D and 3D CAD/CAM design and manufacture solution. VISI Series features four concepts – CAD, CAM, Mould design and Progression tool design. Each can be assessed individually, and when combined provide advanced solid and surface modelling techniques with multiple machining strategies.

The latest release of the VISI-Series will be launched offering higher levels of CAD/CAM integration, more 2D functions, improvements to the automated machining features, improved operating and calculating speeds, and enhanced graphics.