Spark erosion, wire erosion, edm accessories and consumables, electro-chemical milling

600 Centre: Stand 5222

With the launch of the new generation Fanuc Alpha Robocut I-series wire electro-discharge machine (EDM), data processing is now more than eight times faster. Remote control is now possible to confirm cutting status, change cutting conditions and load new programs to multiple installations of up to 24 machines.

Shown for the first time is the smaller Robocut Alpha OiA, which has a 650mm by 450mm by 180mm workpiece capacity and features a new power supply, improved corner control software with non electrolysis AC cutting and adaptive control.

Agie Charmilles: Stands 5528/4218

Agie is unveiling its latest machine and is launching a new modular approach that it claims will revolutionise the EDM market. The Classic 2S combines the flexibility of the existing Classic with submerged wire erosion for improved precision and greater machining efficiency. In the spirit of the original machine it offers a good price:performance ratio. The machine’s working envelope is 350mm by 250mm by 256mm and features include an integral measuring probe, 25kg wire spools and automatic generation of erosion sequences. In a new direction, Agie will work with customers to identify what they wish to achieve with EDM and deliver a machine that incorporates all modules needed to accomplish this.

MJ Technologies: Stand 5068

MJ Technologies is exhibiting a newly developed laser machine centre with numerous new features including vision technology, shaped hole capability, drilling on the fly, integrated probing and in-built, on-machine documentation. The machine has a combined contact touch probing system and gap capacitance height sensing system, both software selectable to allow the right system to be used.